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The seller may or may not know that you're a professional detailer, and many times they won't care. The car's history might be more complicated than the seller knew. For example, "modified" odometer can affect a vehicle on the road.


When you buy a car that hasn't been driven for many years, it's possible that you're driving an unsafe vehicle. A vehicle's history might be affected by a previous accident.


Blockchain technology is used to verify VIN information, ensuring complete accuracy. The car history report can't be deleted or modified.

What include a vin report:

✔️Dates for mileage
✔️Service record
✔️Archive photos
✔️Typical equipment problems
✔️There have been accidents
✔️Theft records
✔️Other useful information


To perform a vin check, you must type in your 17-digit machine identification number at the top or bottom of the page and check the box.

For many of us, checking your automobile for a VIN is an amazing way to get away from future issues. Regardless of the vehicle you want to buy - whether it's a BMW, a Toyota, an AUDI, Opel, VW, Volvo or any other brand - and regardless of the price - checking the automobile using VIN is like a guide for each of us on what to do next.
VIN Number found in car documents.

There are several technologies and tools, as well as "experts" in the business, that may alter the odometer data of any automobile, as well as conceal faults that can be likened to a growing bubble that will burst when purchasing a new vehicle.

Unfortunately, the truth is that another underworld trade is developing as a consequence of the increasing demand and purchasing power for automobiles - the counterfeiting of automobile documents, mileage, and other history.

The world's first blockchain-based car history record is CarVertical. The system offers comprehensive vehicle history reports, including title records, actual mileage, collisions and damage information, vehicles theft information, as well as market price and more.

This VIN decoder accesses data from a variety of international sources as well as real-time information directly from automobiles, all in an effort to provide more complete and accurate results.

carVertical thoroughly checks all data; the blockchain confirms its trustworthiness. In other words, carVertical reports can't be falsified or changed. carVertical is a VIN decoder that combines innovative technologies with simplicity of use, and was launched in the summer of 2018.
Our vehicle history report are obtained from our partner carvertical company. We verify and authenticate all the data, and blockchain is used to verify full history for specific vehicles and its trustworthiness.
carVertical is based on the idea of data decentralization and empowering consumers. They want to enable every buyer around the world to get authentic and reliable information about specific auto to help them make informed decisions.
According on their website, CarVertical claims to obtain as much data as possible from various worldwide sources including NMVTIS, other national and private registries, police databases, insurance databases, leasing databases, car auctions, and car dealers.

In a matter of minutes. The vin number generates detailed report automatically. We'll also send you an email with the results. Instant!
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CarVertical company obtain quality info in real time directly from cars in Europe and USA.

Before buying a vehicle, you should review the report for essential information.

We exchanged a variety of information, from vehicle availability to maintenance records. All data was organized and cross-referenced for future reference. Odometer readings, past traffic incidents, archive images, when services were performed and what additional valuable information was accessible.

We may not have access to information about the car, so please study the original report carefully.
We are dedicated to giving every car buyer throughout the world with genuine, accurate information about specific cars in order to assist them make educated decisions.

Many sources supply us with data, such as: country registries, insurance firms, automobile services, and police records.

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I didn't think it would be this easy, but you made everything simple. I'm overjoyed with my new wheels! The car report was exactly as stated, and I would buy again!
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